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The The Exes TV show is a 30 minute comedy series on TV Land about several friends who have lost their marriages to divorce and are trying to figure out how to deal with single life. Kristen Johnston plays the role of a divorce lawyer who served as counsel for three of her fellow singles who live across the hall in an apartment she rents to them.

The Exes Cast

Kristen Johnston .... Holly Franklin
Wayne Knight .... Haskell Lutz
Donald Faison .... Phil Chase
David Alan Basche .... Stuart Gardner
Kelly Stables .... Eden

The Exes Trivia

Kristen Johnston won two Emmys for "Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series" in her role as "Sally Solomon", an alien who traveled to Earth in order to study Earthlings on the 1996-2001 TV series, "3rd Rock From the Sun".

Wayne Knight also starred on 3rd Rock From the Sun as a police officer named Don who had a major crush on Kristen Johston's character. If you didn't watch that series, you may still remember Wayne as the ditsy mailman on the series, "Seinfeld".

There is a chalkboard in the bar that the gang on The Exes hang out at with a wine list on it. Some of the names of the wines reflect the names of the writers and producers of the show.

Donald Faison's best known role before appearing on The Exes was as "Dr. Christopher Turk" on all 182 episodes of the 2001-2010 series, "Scrubs".

Kelly Stables has both brains and beauty. She was the President of her senior class in high school and also the Prom Queen! Kelly did the stunts for the character, "Samara" in the 2002 film "The Ring" and she obviously did a really great job as she was given the role of the evil Samara in the 2005 sequel, "The Ring Two"!

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