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Episodes is a 30 minute Comedy series on Showtime in the U.S. and on BBC2 in the United Kingdom. It is a satirical show about the transformation of a ficticious hit British TV series into one for U.S. audiences. The British married couple who created the original series soon finds that Hollywood isn't interested in remaking their excellent series, but instead are more into gimmics. When the lead character of the series who was originally an older, distinguished British gentleman is cast by former "Friends" star Matt LeBlanc who played a goofy playboy on that show, they decide to fight the network over their creative control. When they realize that the network is determined to get their way or cancel the series, the couple has to decide whether to stick to their guns and return to England as Hollywood failures or find some way to live with their network masters. On top of that, the charming Matt LeBlanc is difficult to dislike even though he definitely doesn't fit their idea of the ideal actor to lead the cast of their series.

Episodes Cast

Matt LeBlanc .... Matt LeBlanc (2011-)
Tamsin Greig .... Beverly Lincoln (2011-)
Stephen Mangan .... Sean Lincoln (2011-)
Mircea Monroe .... Morning Randolph (2011-)
Kathleen Rose Perkins .... Carol Rance (2011-)
John Pankow .... Merc Lapidus (2011-)
Jacob Anderson .... Kevin (2012)
Daisy Haggard .... Myra Licht (2011-)
Genevieve O'Reilly .... Jamie Lapidus (2011-)
Joseph May .... Andy Button (2011-)
Demetri Goritsas .... Director (2011-)
Trevor White .... Assistant Director (2012)

Episodes Trivia

In addition to Beverly and Sean Lincoln finding it hard to believe that Matt LeBlanc could do the job on Episodes, in real-life many fans found it hard to believe that this series could succeed with him in the lead role. Many were surprised when LeBlanc won a "Best Actor" Golden Globe Award and an "Outstanding Lead Actor" Emmy nomination for his role on Episodes! He and the series itself have been nominated for several other Award for music, writing and best comedy or musical series!

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