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The Encore! Encore! TV show was a 30 minute comedy series on NBC about a world renouned opera singer who loses his voice due to complications while his stomach is being pumped. He loses his fame, his money and his friends and is forced to go home to live with his Mother, sister and nephew.

Encore! Encore! Cast

Nathan Lane .... Joseph Pinoni
Joan Plowright .... Marie Pinoni
James Patrick Stuart .... Claude Bertrand
Glenne Headly .... Francesca Pinoni
Ernie Sabella .... Leo
Trevor Fehrman .... Michael Pinoni
Molly Price .... Francesca Pinoni (Pilot Episode Only)
Evan Mathews .... Michael Pinoni (Pilot Episode Only)

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

The First And Only Season

  1. Pilot Episode (9/22/1998)
  2. I Am Joe's Ego (9/29/1998)
  3. The French Connection (10/20/1998)
  4. Master Class (10/27/1998)
  5. Sour Grapes (12/16/1998)
  6. The Diary (12/23/1998)
  7. Mr. Joe's Wild Ride (12/30/1998)
  8. I Know How The Caged Bird Sings (1/6/1999)
  9. Crime And Punishment (1/13/1999)
  10. To Soeur With Love (1/20/1999)
  11. The Doubt Of The Benefit (1/27/1999)

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