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The Ellery Queen TV show was a 60 minute crime drama series on NBC about a mystery writer who helped his father who was a detective with the New York Police Department, to solve murders. This was not the typical police action series. Ellery Queen used his brains rather than brawn to solve the crimes. One unique aspect of the show was that immediately before Jim Hutton (Ellery Queen) revealed the identity of the murderer, he would face the camera and ask the audience if they had figured out who had commited the crime.

Ellery Queen Cast

Jim Hutton .... Ellery Queen
David Wayne .... Inspector Richard Queen
Tom Reese .... Sergeant Velie
Ken Swofford .... Frank Flannigan
John Hillerman .... Simon Brimmer

Ellery Queen Trivia:

There was a pilot episode of the Ellery Queen TV show titled, "Too Many Suspects" that aired on March 23, 1975. Then only 22 more episodes aired in its 1975/1976 season.

Thirty-six years before the Ellery Queen TV show went on the air, there was an Adventures of Ellery Queen Radio Show that lasted for eight seasons!

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