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The Ellen Degeneres Show is a 60 minute talk show with a lot of comedy and fun that has aired in syndication, mostly on stations owned by NBCUniversal since September 8, 2003. Ellen invites celebrity guests to come and chat with her giving fans an insight into the real lives of people we normally only see in roles on TV or in the movies, singing on CDs or music videos or doing stand-up comedy. Ellen also invites participation of her studio audience in games and other activities. Some of her guests are people who are not celebrities but have some usual or amazing talent or human-interest story to share.

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The Ellen Degeneres show is taped in Burbank, California. For seasons 1-5 in was done at the NBC Studios in Studio 11. Starting with the sixth season it has been taped at the Warner Bros. lot which is not that far from the original site.

There is way more demand for tickets to see episodes of the Ellen Degeneres Show than the studio can accomodate so a nearby area was converted into what's commonly referred to as "The Riff Raff Room" where additional fans can watch the episode on monitors. Occasionally those fans are shown briefly on camera.

Ellen's mother Betty used to attend tapings on a regular basis until she moved in 2006. The chair she used to sit in is now called "Mama Chair". The audience member who sits in that chair gets to participate in the show as Ellen's sidekick, an announcer or an advisor.

During Ellen's "Twelve Days of Giveaways" every member of the audience gets prizes with a value of approximately $1,000 for each of the twelve episodes!

Prior to landing this talk show, Ellen Degeneres starred on two sitcoms that bore her name. "Ellen" was on the air for five seasons and 107 episodes from 1994-1998. In 2001 she starred on "The Ellen Show" for 13 episodes and then she got this series in 2003! It's probable that the fact that all three series contain her real-life name in their titles shows just how well-liked Ellen is by fans.

Ellen's last name may be one of the most commonly mispronounced celebrity names of all time. English is a difficult language because letters aren't always pronounced the same like in most other languages. Ellen's last name is pronounced "Duh-Generes" not "Dee-Generes".

Ellen has done a lot for gay people in America and around the world by showing straight people that they can really like someone who has a sexual preference different from their own. Ellen braved public scrutiny when she revealed that she is a lesbian on the "Oprah Winfrey Show" and then her TV character also "came out" on an episode of "Ellen" on April 30, 1997. It really could have killed her career so it was a very brave thing for her to do. Several advertisers pulled their ads and the station in Birmingham, Alabama that aired the series refused to even broadcast the episode. But Ellen's sparkling personality meant that she had a huge fan base among fans both gay and straight and her career was secure!

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