Eleventh Hour

Eleventh Hour cast
Ralph Bellamy, James MacArthur, and Katherine Crawford

We also have a page for the 2008 Eleventh Hour TV Show about a science advisor to the government if that's what you were looking for.

Series Description

The Eleventh Hour TV show was a 60 minute drama series on NBC about a young psychologist who was extremely sympathetic with his patients. He worked under the guidance of two experienced psychiatrists. The first episodes concentrated mostly on legal trials involving Dr. Theodore Bassett (played by Wendall Corey) as an advisor to the Department of Corrections and then the series plotline began to emphasize the private practice of Dr. Paul Graham under the guidance of Dr. L. Richard Starke (played by Ralph Bellamy) helping people who were mostly on the verge of losing their minds.

Eleventh Hour Cast

Jack Ging .... Dr. Paul Graham
Wendell Corey .... Dr. Theodore Bassett (1962)
Ralph Bellamy .... Dr. L. Richard Starke (1963-1964)

Eleventh Hour Trivia

If you never saw him on the Eleventh Hour, you might still remember Jack Ging from his role as Lieutenant Ted Quinlan on the series, "Riptide".

Jack also played the character, "Bull Fullbright" on several episodes of, "The A-Team". That character was the only major character that ever got killed off on the A-Team.

The Eleventh Hour crossed-over with another TV series about a mature teacher guiding a young prodigy titled, "Dr. Kildare". The episode titles were, "Four Feet in the Morning". Part 1 aired on Dr. Kildare on November 21, 1963 and part 2 was broadcast six days later on the 27th.

In an unusual move, the plots of the episodes concentrated more heavily on the patients than on the stars' characters. That's not surprising when you consider the amazing list of guest stars who appeared on Eleventh Hour! The scripts were terrific and that makes fine actors want to participate. Just a partial list of those who appeared during just the first season include Eddie Albert, Ed Asner, Frankie Avalon, Bill Bixby, Veronica Cartwright, Linda Evans, Anne Francis, David Janssen, Angela Lansbury, Walter Matthau, Burgess Meredith, Vera Miles, Carroll O'Connor, Cliff Robertson, Kurt Russell, Telly Savalas, George C. Scott, Robert Vaughn and Tuesday Weld among others!

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

Season 1

  1. Ann Costigan: A Duel on a Field of White (10/3/1962)
  2. There Are Dragons in This Forest (10/10/1962)
  3. Make Me a Place (10/17/1962)
  4. I Don't Belong in a White-Painted House (10/24/1962)
  5. The Seventh Day of Creation (10/31/1962)
  6. Of Roses and Nightingales and Other Lovely Things (11/7/1962)
  7. Angie, You Made My Heart Stop (11/14/1962)
  8. Hooray, Hooray the Circus Is Coming to Town (11/21/1962)
  9. Cry a Little for Mary Too (11/28/1962)
  10. Eat Little Fishie, Eat (12/5/1962)
  11. The Blues my Baby Gave Me (12/12/1962)
  12. Along About Late in the Afternoon (12/26/1962)
  13. Which Man Will Die? (1/2/1963)
  14. Where Have You Been, Lord Randall, My Son? (1/9/1963)
  15. My Name is Judith, I`m Lost You See (1/16/1963)
  16. Where Ignorant Armies Clash By Night (1/23/1963)
  17. Advice to the Lovelorn and Shopworn (1/30/1963)
  18. Why am I Grown so Cold? (2/6/1963)
  19. Like a Diamond in the Sky (2/13/1963)
  20. Beauty Playing a Mandolin Underneath a Willow Tree (2/20/1963)
  21. A Tumble from a High White Horse (2/27/1963)
  22. Five Moments Out of Time (3/6/1963)
  23. The Wings of the Morning (3/20/1963)
  24. Hang By One Hand (3/27/1963)
  25. Something Crazy's Going On in the Back Room (4/3/1963)
  26. Everybody Knows You`ve Left Me (4/10/1963)
  27. Try to Keep Alive Until Next Tuesday (4/17/1963)
  28. I Feel Like a Rutabaga (4/24/1963)
  29. A Medicine Man in This Day and Age? (5/1/1963)
  30. The Man Who Came Home Late (5/8/1963)
  31. Pressure Breakdown (5/15/1963)
  32. The Middle Child Gets All the Aches (5/22/1963)
Season 2
  1. Cold Hands, Warm Heart (10/2/1963)
  2. The Silence of Good Men (10/9/1963)
  3. Fear Begins at 40 (10/16/1963)
  4. And Man Created Vanity (10/23/1963)
  5. Oh, You Shouldn`t Have Done It (10/30/1963)
  6. The Bronze Locust (11/6/1963)
  7. What Did She Mean By Good Luck? (11/13/1963)
  8. This Wonderful Madman Calls Me Beauty (11/20/1963)
  9. Four Feet in the Morning (11/27/1963)
  10. The Bride Wore Pink (12/4/1963)
  11. There Should be an Outfit Called Families Anonymous (12/11/1963)
  12. La Belle Indifference (12/18/1963)
  13. Is Mr. Martian Coming Back? (12/25/1963)
  14. My Door is Locked and Bolted (1/1/1964)
  15. Sunday Father (1/8/1964)
  16. How Do I Say I Love You? (1/15/1964)
  17. You`re So Smart, Why Can`t You be Good? (1/22/1964)
  18. Who Chopped Down the Cherry Tree? (1/29/1964)
  19. Cannibal Plants, They Eat You Alive (2/5/1964)
  20. The Only Remaining Copy is in the British Museum (2/12/1964)
  21. 87 Different Kinds of Love (2/19/1964)
  22. The Secret in the Stone (2/26/1964)
  23. A Full Moon Every Night (3/4/1964)
  24. Who is to Say How the Battle is to be Fought? (3/11/1964)
  25. Prodigy (3/18/1964)
  26. Does My Mother Have to Know? - Part 1 (3/25/1964)
  27. Does My Mother Have to Know? - Part 2 (4/1/1964)
  28. A Pattern of Sundays (4/8/1964)
  29. To Love is To Live (4/15/1964)
  30. The Color of the Sunset (4/22/1964)

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