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The East Side West Side TV show was a 60 minute drama series on CBS about a New York City social worker who bravely tackled the problems of people who society often ignores such as abused children, unemployed people on state assistance and drug addicts.

East Side West Side Cast

George C. Scott .... Neil Brock
Elizabeth Wilson .... Frieda "Hecky" Hechlinger (Episodes 1-22)
Cicely Tyson .... Jane Foster
John McMartin .... Mike Miller (Episodes 19-26)
Linden Chiles .... Congressman Charles W. Hanson (Episodes 19-26)

East Side West Side Trivia

George C. Scott typically played tough guy roles. His role on East Side West Side was no different as his character fought the system and the public's views of the downtrodden in our society in order to help them.

Scott mirrored his character's attitude on East Side West Side via numerous fights with CBS about their refusal to broadcast anything that might overly offend audiences. Scott felt that the circumstances of the poor members of our society should have been shown realistically regardless of the effect on audience sensibilities. He saw the series as a tool in educating the public of the need to help those people.

CBS really got under Scott's skin when they cut a scene showing him dancing with a black woman. A few years later on the series, "Star Trek" the white Captain Kirk would kiss the black Lieutenant Uhura on the 1968 episode titled, "Plato's Children". That was the first inter-racial kiss seen on television and made it on the air largely due to another stubborn actor. The scene was shot both with and without the kiss so that CBS executives could view both and then decide which one to broadcast. William Shatner purposely ruined the shot without the kiss so that the execs had almost no choice but to air the history making scene!

East Side West Side did much better with critics than with audiences. It was nominated for eight Emmys and won one of them!

George C. Scott is probably best known for his brilliant portrayal of General George S. Patton. The General was one tough bird with the nickname "Old Blood and Guts". Scott had some military experience as he had served in what's generally agreed to be the toughest branch of the U.S. military ... the Marine Corps.

It's pretty common knowledge that Marlon Brando refused to accept an Academy Award for his role in the 1972 film, "The Godfather" in order to show his objection to how Hollywood portrayed the American Indians. What you probably didn't know is that George C. Scott was the first actor to refuse an Oscar. He said he didn't attend the ceremonies because he preferred to stay home and watch a hockey game!

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

The First And Only Season

  1. The Sinner (9/23/1963)
  2. Age of Consent (9/30/1963)
  3. You Can't Beat the System (10/7/1963)
  4. Something for the Girls (10/14/1963)
  5. I Before E Except After C (10/21/1963)
  6. No Wings at All (10/28/1963)
  7. Who Do You Kill (11/4/1963)
  8. Go Fight City Hall (11/11/1963)
  9. Not Bad for Openers (11/18/1963)
  10. No Hiding Place (12/2/1963)
  11. Where's Harry? (12/9/1963)
  12. My Child on Monday Morning (12/16/1963)
  13. Creeps Live Here (12/23/1963)
  14. The $5.98 Dress (1/13/1964)
  15. The Beatnik and the Politician (1/20/1964)
  16. One Drink at a Time (1/27/1964)
  17. It's War, Man (2/10/1964)
  18. Don't Grow Old (2/17/1964)
  19. The Street (2/24/1964)
  20. If Your Grandmother Had Wheels (3/2/1964)
  21. The Passion of the Nickel Player (3/9/1964)
  22. Take Sides with the Sun (3/16/1964)
  23. The Name of the Game (3/23/1964)
  24. Nothing But the Half Truth (3/30/1964)
  25. The Givers (4/13/1964)
  26. Here Today (4/27/1964)

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