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Series Description

The Duckman TV show was a cartoon/comedy series about a private detective who was pretty hard to like. He was rude and not too bright but luckily his sidekick "Cornfed Pig" helped lead him in the proper direction to solve their cases.

Duckman Characters


Jason Alexander .... Eric Duckman
Gregg Berger .... Cornfed Pig
Elizabeth Daily .... Mambo
Dweezil Zappa .... Ajax
Dana Hill .... Charles
Nancy Travis .... Bernice / Beverly / Beatrice
Pat Musick .... Charles / Fluffy / Uranus

Duckman Trivia

Quite a few of Duckman's fourth season episodes included elaborate musical scenes that highlighted Jason Alexander's singing and dancing talents. Most fans probably don't realize that Jason was already a star on Broadway, having won a Tony Award in 1989 for his role in the musical that was ironically titled, "Broadway".

Duckman and Jason Alexander's other series, "Seinfeld" ran concurrently so Jason was a very busy boy for those years!

Before appearing on Seinfeld and Duckman, Jason starred on a series titled, "Everything's Relative" that only lasted 10 episodes and a full six years before Seinfeld, he starred on the 22 episode, "E/R TV Show". That's not the same series that you're probably thinking about. Alexander's series aired during the 1984/85 season and the more popular ER TV Series aired from 1994 through 2009. Those two are easy to confuse though because they were both about doctors in a hospital setting and, believe it or not, they both also premiered with George Clooney in one of the starring roles! He was on both "E/R" and "ER"!

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