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Dora the Explorer Characters

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Dora the Explorer is a 30 minute kids TV show on Nickelodeon that followed a sweet young Hispanic girl and her monkey pal Boots on their many adventures. Young children love the series not only for the excitement but also because Dora speaks directly to them, making the audience a part of the show!

Dora the Explorer Characters


Kathleen Herles .... Dora (2000-2004)
Caitlin Sanchez .... Dora (2008-2010)
Harrison Chad .... Boots (2000-2004)
Sasha Toro .... Backpack (2000-2004)
Marc Weiner .... Swiper (2000-2004)
Jake Burbage .... Benny (2000-2004)
Ashley Fleming .... Isa (2000-2004)
Jose Zelaya .... Tico (2002-2004)
Jason Thornton .... Ricardo (2000-2008)
Regan Mizrahi .... Boots (2008-2011)
Muhammed Cunningham .... Tico (2000-2002)
Leslie Valdes .... Senor Tucan (2000-2003)
Matthew Gumley .... Benny the Bull (2007-2011)
Alexandria Suarez .... Backpack (2008-2010)

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