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The Doctor, Doctor TV show was a 30 minute comedy series on CBS about a doctor named Mike Stratford who worked in a group medical practice and was mostly concerned with healing the sick while caring little about getting rich. That attitude rarely pleased his partners.

Doctor, Doctor Cast

Matt Frewer .... Doctor Mike Stratford
Julius J. Carry III .... Doctor Abraham "Abe" Butterfield
Maureen Mueller .... Doctor Dierdre Murtagh/Bennett
Beau Gravitte .... Doctor Grant Linowitz
Tony Carreiro .... Richard Stratford
Anne Elizabeth Ramsay .... Leona Linowitz (Season 3)
Audrie J. Neenan .... Faye Barylski (Season 3)
Inga Swenson .... Connie Stratford (Episodes 1-7)

Doctor, Doctor Trivia

In addition to his medical practice, Doctor Stratford also hosted a morning TV show titled, "Wake Up Providence" where he gave medical advice that sometimes was a bit peculiar.

As if being a Doctor and talk show host wasn't enough, Doctor Stratford had also written a novel titled, "Panacea". Unfortunately for him, it was unsuccessful.

The Doctor, Doctor TV show had some somewhat unusual time slots. The first six episodes aired in June and July when other shows were off for the summer. The second season ran from November to February and then just two episodes in August! The third season finally began with a normal September premiere air date but episodes still ended in January and then the last four aired in June and July! During the third season alone CBS changed the time slot twice. The initial third season slot was on Wednesday evenings at 8:30PM, putting the series up against the hit comedy series "Growing Pains"! After five episodes Doctor, Doctor was moved to slots with little or no competition but by then it was too late and it was canceled.

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

Season 1

  1. The Search for Armand Peltzer (6/12/1989)
  2. The Palumbo Affair (6/19/1989)
  3. Running on M.D. (6/26/1989)
  4. The M.D. Nest Syndrome (7/10/1989)
  5. The Murtagh Conundrum (7/17/1989)
  6. Patients are a Virtue (7/24/1989)
Season 2
  1. Pediatricks (11/13/1989)
  2. Member of the Club (11/20/1989)
  3. Smooth Operator (11/27/1989)
  4. Bachelor Doctor (12/4/1989)
  5. Don't Mess With the Elephants (12/11/1989)
  6. Torch Song Cardiology (12/18/1989)
  7. Odd Man In (1/1/1990)
  8. Accentuate the Positive (1/8/1990)
  9. Doctors and Other Strangers (1/15/1990)
  10. Family Affair (1/29/1990)
  11. Fetal Attraction (2/5/1990)
  12. The Love Game (2/19/1990)
  13. No Free Lunch (2/26/1990)
  14. Night of the Inguinal (8/20/1990)
  15. Who's Zoomin' Who? (8/27/1990)
Season 3
  1. Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes (9/19/1990)
  2. Murder, He Wrote (9/26/1990)
  3. Who's Afraid of Leona Linowitz? (10/3/1990)
  4. Making Mr. Right (10/18/1990)
  5. The Terminator (10/25/1990)
  6. Providence (11/1/1990)
  7. The Last Temptation of Mike (11/8/1990)
  8. Ice Follies (11/15/1990)
  9. The Young and the Hopeless (11/22/1990)
  10. Good Doc, Bad Doc - Part 1 (11/29/1990)
  11. Malpractice Makes Imperfect - Part 2 (12/6/1990)
  12. Somewhere in the Berkshires - Part 3 (12/13/1990)
  13. When Bad Books Happen to Good People (12/20/1990)
  14. Sleeping Sickness (1/3/1991)
  15. Anatomy of Love (6/8/1991)
  16. Butterfields are Free (6/15/1991)
  17. Butterfield's Complaint (6/22/1991)
  18. Two Angry Men (7/6/1991)

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