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The Desperate Housewives TV show is a 60 minute comedy/drama series on ABC about the people who live on Whisteria Lane. It concentrates on the friend, family, and love relationships of four women. Single mom Susan Mayer is desperate to find a man. Bree Van De Kamp is nearly paranoid in her quest to make her life perfect in every way. Gabrielle Solis has everything she dreamed of as a girl and still isn't happy. Ex-business executive Lynette Scarvo decided to devote her life to being a mother and housewife but ended out wishing she'd stayed in the boardroom. Susan's daughter has become interested in boys. Bree's husband was caught cheating with the neighborhood dominatrix. Gabrielle sleeps with the 17-year-old lawn boy while trying to maintain her income-producing husband. And Lynette's husband is spending an awful lot of time with an ex-girlfriend work associate. And that's only a few of the twists to this funny prime-time soap opera!

Desperate Housewives Cast

Teri Hatcher .... Susan Mayer
Felicity Huffman .... Lynette Scavo
Marcia Cross .... Bree Van De Kamp
Eva Longoria .... Gabrielle Solis
Ricardo Chavira .... Carlos Solis
Brenda Strong .... Mary Alice Young
Jamie Denton .... Mike Delfino
Doug Savant .... Tom Scavo
Nicollette Sheridan .... Edie Britt (2004-2009)
Mark Moses .... Paul Young
Dana Delany .... Katherine Mayfair (2007-2010)
Steven Culp .... Rex Van De Kamp (2004-2005)
Andrea Bowen .... Julie Mayer (2004-2010)
Cody Kasch .... Zach Young
Jesse Metcalfe .... John Rowland (2004-2005)
Richard Burgi .... Karl Mayer (2004-2010)
Shawn Pyfrom .... Andrew Van De Kamp (2004-2010)
Kyle MacLachlan .... Orson Hodge (2006-2010)
Brent Kinsman .... Preston Scavo (2004-2010)
Shane Kinsman .... Porter Scavo (2004-2010)
Zane Huett .... Parker Scavo (2004-2010)
Joy Lauren .... Danielle Van De Kamp (2004-2010)
Kathryn Joosten .... Karen McCluskey (2005-2010)

Desperate Housewives Trivia

The first episode of Desperate Housewives was actually the 2nd pilot episode. The first pilot had different Cast starring Michael Reilly Burke as Rex Van De Kamp, Sherly Lee as Mary Alice Young, and Kyle Searles as John Rowland. The scenes with those characters were re-shot for the pilot we all saw on the air with Steven Culp as Rex, Brenda Strong as Mary Alice, and Jesse Metcalfe as John.

Desperate Housewives' creator, Marc Cherry, first attempted to sell the show to the networks as a comedy series about frustrated housewives. Everyone rejected the show including HBO and Lifetime. When he just slightly rewrote the pilot, adding the sexual undertones, ABC said, "SOLD"!

Marc Cherry got the idea for Desperate Housewives from his mother! She mentioned to him that operating their household and raising children with Cherry's father away so much, sometimes made her feel "desperate".

Lynette and Tom's three little trouble-maker sons (Parker, Preston, and Porter) got 4th place in TV Guide's list of "TV's 10 Biggest Brats" (March 27, 2005 issue). Homer Simpson (The Simpons) claimed the #1 spot, Eddie Haskell (Leave It To Beaver) was #2, and Nellie Olsen (Little House on the Prairie) was #3.

Private investigator Shaw (Richard Roudtree) is employed by the "Hafts" Detective Agency. Richard Roundtree starred as the main cast member in a 1971 movie titled, "Shaft" which happens to be an anagram of "Hafts".

Teri Hatcher had some pretty stiff competition for the role of Susan Mayer! Mary-Louise Parker, Calista Flockhart, and Heather Locklear were all considered for the role! Teri was extremely happy to get the role. She has stated that she was nearly resigned to being a "has-been" when she got the part on the hit series. Welcome back Teri!

While shooting the episode where she stumbles into a wedding cake, Teri Hatcher actually broke two ribs! With everyone on the set concerned about her obviously serious injury, Teri refused to get medical attention until after she finished shooting! What a trooper! Nicollette Sheridan read for the role of Bree Van De Camp, but was cast as Edie Britt. Marcia Cross tried out for the role of Mary Alice Young, but was hired to play Bree Van De Camp.

At least as of the time this was written (end of first season), every episode of Desperate Housewives except the pilot was named after a song and in every episode, someone says, "So here's the deal".

In the pilot episode, Martha Huber says that she has to take care of Edie Britt's son, but then there was no more mention of Edie having a son for the rest of the first season.

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