Delta Cast

Series Description

The Delta TV show was a 30 minute comedy series on ABC about a buxom sized woman who dreamt of becoming a country and western singing star just like her heroine, Patsy Cline.

Delta Cast

Delta Burke .... Delta Bishop
Gigi Rice .... Lavonne Overton
Bill Engvall .... Buck Overton
Earl Holliman .... Darden Towe
Nancy Giles .... Connie Morris
Beth Grant .... Thelma Wainwright

Delta Trivia

There was a pilot episode of the Delta TV show that was produced in order to sell the series but was never broadcast.

For some reason, Delta's first episode aired on a Tuesday night at 9:30PM and then its second episode was broadcast just two nights later on Thursday at 8:00PM. It remained there for the next ten episodes where it had to compete with "Top Cops" on ABC, "The Simpsons" on FOX, and "A Different World" on NBC. At that point, the ratings and ABC executives had dealt the series its death blow but there were still six more episodes that had already been produced. Typically when a series is canceled with unaired episodes they are just never seen but in this case ABC made Delta fans happy and aired them, albeit months later.

When Delta Bishop's husband refused to support her in her dream of country stardom, she dropped him like a hot potato! She also quit her job at Mona's House of Hair to head out for Nashville where country hopefuls become country stars! Like most people trying to break into show business, she worked a normal job to support herself by waiting on tables in a Nashville bar.

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

The First And Only Season

  1. Climb That Mountain (9/15/1992)
  2. Delta Doesn't Get Discovered (9/17/1992)
  3. Sweet Dreams (9/24/1992)
  4. Shall We Dance? (10/1/1992)
  5. How Much Is That Darden in the Window? (10/8/1992)
  6. White Women Can't Jump Either (10/15/1992)
  7. The Bad Word (10/22/1992)
  8. First Time Again (10/29/1992)
  9. The Cabin and the Credit Card (11/12/1992)
  10. Our D-I-V-O-R-C-E (12/3/1992)
  11. A Christmas Tale (12/17/1992)
  12. The Agent (4/6/1993)
  13. Mom Comes to Town (4/13/1993)
  14. Amateur Night (4/20/1993)
  15. Red Hot Mama (4/27/1993)
  16. Roadtrip (7/28/1993)
  17. Delta's Little Dilemma (8/25/1993)

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