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Day One News Magazine Cast

Series Description

The Day One TV show was a 60 minute tabloid News Magazine series on ABC that specialized in the most sensational stories, often similar to those found in magazines near the checkout counter of your local supermarket.

Day One News Magazine Cast

News Anchor:
Forrest Sawyer

John Hockenberry
Michel McQueen
John McKenzie
Lloyd Kramer (1993-1994)
Sheila MacVicar (1993-1994)
Jay Schadler (1993-1994)
Robert Krulwich (1994-1995)
Brian Ross (1994-1995)

Day One News Magazine Trivia

Ironically, the very first episode of this horrid, decadent TV show included a feature titled, "TV's Greatest Flops"!

The Day One News Magazine's time slot was changed twice during its 14 months on the air.

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