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Series Description

The David Steinberg Show was a 30 minute comedy series that was produced in Canada and aired on the CTV Television Network. It was about a fictional variety show that in addition to highlighting mostly comedy that appeared on the show, also explored the working of the show behind the scenes and the interactions between the Cast, their friends and families off stage.

David Steinberg Show Cast

David Steinberg .... Host / Himself
John Candy .... Spider Reichman
Martin Short .... Johnny Del Bravo
Joe Flaherty .... Kirk Dirkwood
Andrea Martin .... Julie Liverfoot
Bill Saluga .... Vinnie DeMilo

David Steinberg Show Trivia

There was another David Steinberg Show that appeared on CBS in the summer of 1972.

After this series left the air David Steinberg appeared on television a few more times but he mostly became a very successful director on numerous popular series including "Friends", "The Golden Girls", "Mad About You" and "Seinfeld" among many others.

In the late 1960s, Steinberg appeared as himself on the "Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour" and did a couple of biblical sketches that were not well received by executives at CBS and by many members of the public. His first sketch ridiculed the story of Moses and then when he came back later in the season to do another on Jonah, CBS would not allow that segment to be broadcast. The Smothers Brothers was canceled shortly thereafter but Steinberg can only share the blame for that. The entire show made fun of just about everything that the establishment at the time believed in and Tom and Dick Smothers fought the network over just about every episode. The series moved to ABC after CBS canceled it but it didn't last long there either. ABC thought that they knew what they were in for, but the anti-establishment rhetoric of the show became too much for them too.

The David Steinberg Show introduced some great new comedy talent. John Candy, Joe Flaherty, Andrea Martin, Martin Short and Dave Thomas went on to star on the much more successful TV comedy series, "SCTV". From there, most of them went on to stardom on other series and movies!

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

The First And Only Season

  1. James Coco (9/24/1976)
  2. Milton Berle (10/1/1976)
  3. Tommy Smothers (10/8/1976)
  4. Adrienne Barbeau (10/15/1976)
  5. Ed McMahon (10/22/1976)
  6. Conrad Bain (10/29/1976)
  7. Phyllis Diller (11/12/1976)
  8. Elliott Gould (11/19/1976)
  9. Jon Voight (11/26/1976)
  10. Avery Schreiber (12/3/1976)
  11. Scatman Crothers and Mason Reese (12/10/1976)
  12. Peggy Cass (12/17/1976)
  13. Ethel Merman (1/11/1977)
  14. Robert Vaughn (1/18/1977)
  15. Ruth Buzzi (1/25/1977)
  16. Anthony Davis (2/1/1977)
  17. Marcia Wallace (2/8/1977)
  18. Joseph Campanella (2/15/1977)
  19. Norm Crosby (2/22/1977)
  20. ill Macy, Samantha Harper (3/8/1977)
  21. Bob and Ray (3/15/1977)
  22. Rip Taylor (3/22/1977)
  23. Michelle Lee (4/12/1977)
  24. Richard Pryor (4/19/1977)

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