Date With the Angels

Date With the Angels Cast

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The Date With the Angels TV show was a 30 minute comedy series on ABC about a newly married couple who get themselves, their friend, and neighbors into one crazy mess after another that audiences found hilarious.

Date With the Angels Cast

Betty White .... Vicki Angel
Bill Williams .... Gus Angel
Natalie Masters .... Wilma Clemson
Roy Engle .... George Clemson
Richard Deacon .... Roger Finley
Maudie Prickett .... Mrs. Cassie Murphy
Richard Reeves .... Mr. "Murph" Murphy
Lillian Bronson .... Mrs. Drake
Burt Mustin .... Mr. Finley
Gage Clark .... Dr. Gordon
Jimmy Boyd .... Wheeler

Date With the Angels Trivia

Many of today's fans have come to love Betty White more for her magnetic personality than for her comedic genius. Her magnetism didn't suddenly appear in the 21st century, however, and in the 1950s it attracted many popular TV stars of the day to want to guest star on Date With the Angels. Some of those who appeared included Nancy Kulp (Miss Jane on "The Beverly Hillbillies"), Chuck Connors ("The Rifleman"), Sid Melton (Alf Monroe on "Green Acres") and Hugh O'Brian ("The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp").

Date With the Angels premiered in May because it was a replacement series for "The Ray Anthony Show".

The cancellation of Date With the Angels had nothing to do with any lack of ability on the part of Betty White. In fact, it was canceled by ABC so that Betty could star in a new, live comedic variety series titled, "The Betty White Show" which premiered the very next week after Date With the Angels final episode and capitalized even more on Betty's ability to draw big name guest stars.

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