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Dark Angel Cast

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The Dark Angel TV show was a 60 minute sci-fi series on the FOX Network about a genetically enhanced little girl who escaped from the secret governmental project that was raising her to be the perfect killing machine. Years later, now a young woman, she found herself working for a Seattle, Washington based messenger service as a bicycle courier. Because she feared that the government would find her and force her back into servitude, she was doing everything in her power to live a life where she would not be noticed. Then she met Logan Cale, and together they take on the evil men who run the corrupt world at other's expense.

Dark Angel Cast

Jessica Alba .... Max Guevera / X5-452
Michael Weatherly .... Logan Cale / Eyes Only
Richard Gunn .... Calvin Simon 'Sketchy' Theodore
Valarie Rae Miller .... Cynthia 'Original Cindy' McEachin
J.C. MacKenzie .... Reagan 'Normal' Ronald
John Savage .... Donald Lydecker (2000-2001)
Alimi Ballard .... Herbal Thought (2000-2001)
Jennifer Blanc .... Kendra Maibaum (2000-2001)
Jensen Ackles .... Alec / X5-494 (2001-2002)
Kevin Durand .... Joshua (2001-2002)
Martin Cummins .... Ames White (2001-2002)
Ashley Scott .... Asha Barlowe (2001-2002)

Dark Angel Trivia

The barcode number that the government stamped on Max to identify her was 332960073452.

The FOX network didn't want to use the resources to air two sci-fi series simultaneously so when they decided to produce the series, "Firefly", Dark Angel was canceled. Unfortunately, the series ended in the middle of a cliffhanger that was never resolved.

If you listen closely near the beginning of episode #35, "Harbor Lights" when Logan phones Max, the phone tones play the first nine notes of the theme song for the series, "Wheel of Fortune"!

Series creator, "James Cameron's" birthday is represented by the number on Max's motorcyle license tag.

Sketchy's full name, "Calvin Simon Theodore", refers to the Chipmunks, "Alvin", "Simon", and "Theodore".

Dark Angel was not Jessica Alba's first starring role on a TV series. She also starred on the 1995 version of the series, "Flipper" in the role as "Maya Graham".

Guest star Amy Dumas (of WWE fame) broke her neck while doing a move called the "Litacanrana" that she made famous in the ring. The move went wrong when a stuntwoman did not hold her the right way during the move. It happened while filming the series finale episode, "Freak Nation".

Dark Angel Opening Narrative

Michael Weatherly's Voice (This Most Comprehensive Version Is From Episode #14+):

"She was designed to be the perfect soldier. She was trained to be a human weapon. But then she escaped. They came after her, and she knew they would never stop looking. She was lucky. A few months later, terrorists triggered an electro-magnetic pulse that wiped out America's cyber infra-structure. The U.S. became a third world country overnight. It was easy for a girl to disappear. Ten years later she's still looking over he shoulder. She's found an unlikely ally in Logan Cale. Born to a life of privilege, he's now an underground cyber-journalist crusading against a corrupt government. He wants to save the world, or what's left of it. She just wants to find the others like her. Together...who knows."

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