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The Daria TV show was a 30 minute animated comedy series on MTV.

Daria Characters


Tracy Grandstaff .... Daria Morgendorffer
Julian Rebolledo .... Jake Morgendorffer
Wendy Hoopes .... Jane Lane / Quinn Morgendorffer
Alvero J. Gonzalez .... Trent Lane
Janie Mertz .... Brittany Taylor
Marc Thompsono .... Kevin Thompson
John Lynn .... Sick, Sad World Announcer
Jessica Cydnee Jackson .... Jodie Abigail Landon
Ashley Albert .... Tiffany Blum-Deckler

Daria Trivia:

You may notice when watching that the 5th season episode titled, "Boxing Daria" seems to be a farewell episode and you're right! It was originally produced as the final episode. Then MTV offered the option of airing a few more episodes so they did and used the 90 minute "Is it College Yet?" TV movie as the "new" finale for Daria.

Karen Disher designed most of the characters on Daria. She designed Brittany Taylor in the mold of Jenny McCarthy. Janie Mertz who did the voice for Brittany modelled the voice after Jean Kasem from her role as "Loretta Tortelli" on six episodes of "Cheers" and then later as the title character on "The Tortellis".

You may think, "How much can there be involved in producing a cartoon show?" but in actuality, it took nearly one year from the first conception for an episode of Daria until it was ready to go on the air!

The Daria character was originally seen on the series "Beavis and Butt-Head". She was intended to be a sickeningly, unlikeable, preaching intellect to counter-balance the totally idiotic behavior of Beavis and Butt-Head.

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