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This 2012 version of the Dallas TV series is a 60 minute drama series on TNT that moves decades into the future to continue the story of the Ewing oil empire from where it left off in the hit 1978-1991 Dallas series. The power struggle over the direction of Southfork and it's business tactics continues but is now primarily fought between the sons of the original Ewing brothers. The relationships between J.R., Bobby and their sons is also featured predominantly in early episodes. Everything old is new again!

Dallas Cast

Josh Henderson ... John Ross Ewing
Jordana Brewster ... Elena Ramos
Julie Gonzalo ... Pamela Rebecca Barnes
Brenda Strong ... Ann Ewing
Linda Gray ... Sue Ellen Ewing
Jesse Metcalfe ... Christopher Ewing
Patrick Duffy ... Bobby Ewing
Mitch Pileggi ... Harris Ryland
Emma Bell ... Emma Brown
Kevin Page ... Bum
Larry Hagman ... J.R. Ewing (2012-2013)

Dallas Trivia

It was wonderful for fans to see Larry Hagman, Patrick Duffy and Linda Gray back in their beloved roles from the original series! Unfortunately, Larry Hagman passed away of acute myeloid leukemia on November 23, 2012. Both Patrick Duffy and Linda Gray who had been best friends with Hagman for decades were at his bedside when he passed. On the bright side, Hagman lived a long life of 81 years and worked at the craft he loved until his final days. Hagman had a long career dating back to 1957. His acting abilities were without question as he played the despicable J.R. Ewing while being known as one of the kindest, most beloved men in show business. In addition to his role as J.R. and his numerous other roles on TV and in the movies, Hagman was also well known for his role as astronaut Captain/Major Anthony Nelson on the series, "I Dream of Jeannie".

Larry Hagman died suddenly so there was no death scene produced for JR. The producers hunted frantically for any footage that could be put together to explain JR's disappearance from the series. They eventually decided to use footage from an unused scene where JR found out that Pamela and John Ross were having an affair. That scene had been filmed on Southfork but they digitally removed the background and replaced it with the hotel room that JR was killed in.

Josh Henderson, Brenda Strong and Jesse Metcalfe all had played roles on the series, "Desperate Housewives". Josh appeared in 16 episodes and Jesse in 30 but they never appeared in the same episode. Brenda was a major character on the series and appeared in all but one episode however most of those were voice only as she narrated the series. She was the housewife who had been murdered and was showing all of the other housewives dirty little secrets to the audience. She did appear visually though a number of times in flashback sequences and in a dream episode. Brenda was nominated for an Emmy for her voiceover work in both 2011 and 2012!

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