Daddio Cast

Series Description

The Daddio TV show was a 30 minute comedy series on NBC about a restaurant supplies salesman who quits to be a "househusband" while his wife, who is an attorney, brings home the paycheck. He did a really good job. Taking care of their home and 4 children wasn't a problem. Dealing with housewives who think that no man could possibly be up to the job and his macho male friends & acquaintances teasing ... that was his problem!

Daddio Cast

Michael Chiklis .... Chris Woods
Anita Barone .... Linda Woods
Mitch Holleman .... Jake Woods
Cristina Kernan .... Shannon Woods
Martin Spanjers .... Max Woods
Amber Ayemin .... Julie
Christian Bowe .... Montgomery
Kevin Crowley .... Rod Krolak
Dave Engfer .... Sheriff Kevin
Bellina Logan .... Janice Mayfield
Suzy Nakamura .... Holly Martin
Steve Ryan .... Bobick
Amy Wilson .... Barb Krolak

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

Season 1

  1. Grapefruits Of Wrath (3/23/2000)
  2. The Premium Also Rises (3/30/2000)
  3. Crackers And Punishment (4/6/2000)
  4. Fence And Sensibility (4/13/2000)
  5. Lord Of The Ants (4/20/2000)
Season 2
  1. The Last Temptation of Chris (10/2/2000)
  2. Pride And Pregnancy (10/9/2000)
  3. For Whom The School Bell Tolls (10/16/2000)
  4. Remains Of The Day Off (10/23/2000)

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