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The Curb Your Enthusiasm TV show is a 30 minute situation comedy series on HBO where Larry David plays himself as a rich comedian and former creator of the series "Seinfeld". He kind of "drifts" through life irritating nearly everyone he encounters. After "sticking his foot in his mouth" he gets into even more trouble throughout the show by pretending as if he didn't do anything wrong and everyone else simply doesn't understand him. Don't expect the "laugh a minute" that you get on most sitcoms, but when you do laugh, you'll "bust a gut"! By the way, some viewers just don't get this series. You either love it or you hate it. One of the things I think that makes the show so fresh is that Larry David doesn't believe in following the script too closely. He encourages the cast to improvise.

Curb Your Enthusiasm Cast

Larry David .... Himself (80 episodes, 2000-2011)
Jeff Garlin .... Jeff Greene (80 episodes, 2000-2011)
Cheryl Hines .... Cheryl David (71 episodes, 2000-2011)
Susie Essman .... Susie Greene (52 episodes, 2000-2011)
Richard Lewis .... Himself (27 episodes, 2000-2011)
Bob Einstein .... Marty Funkhouser (17 episodes, 2004-2011)
J.B. Smoove .... Leon Black (16 episodes, 2007-2011)
Ashly Holloway .... Sammi Greene (15 episodes, 2001-2011)
Ted Danson .... Himself (14 episodes, 2000-2009)

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There is a huge amount of improvisational dialog on Curb Your Enthusiasm. Instead of a detailed script for each episode like nearly all other sitcoms, Curb Your Enthusiasm is produced using only an outline of events that will take place. This results in numerous takes for each scene until Larry David and his staff are happy with the result. That makes a lot more work for everyone involved but it also brings a certain something to the show that simply isn't seen on any other show. For example, when Larry tells one of his limitless lies to his wife, Cheryl Hines truly doesn't know whether he is lying about what happened elsewhere in the show! When Larry lets go with one of his unintended insults, the actor is often actually shocked by what he says!

Larry David's hit series, "Seinfeld" is often mentioned on the show. In episode #18, "Shaq", Larry hears that Shaq O'Neal is a big fan of the show and brings him a huge collection of every Seinfeld episode on tape!

Fans, of course, would love to see a Seinfeld reunion but so far there has only been discouraging evidence such as the Curb Your Enthusiasm TV special titled, "It's Not A Reunion Show but It's the Closest You'll Get". That special was about the upcoming Curb episode that would at least guest star the main Seinfeld cast. That episode served as the series finale and was titled simply, "Seinfeld". We won't disclose the storyline for those who might still see it for the first time but will say that it's not a true Seinfeld reunion. If you are a Seinfeld fan, you will most likely love it though!

The Davids took in a black family (also named "the Blacks") who had been torn from their home by a hurricane in the sixth season. They moved into a new, bigger house in the second episode of season six when Mrs Black tossed a lit cigarette into the trash. Of course, Larry was partially responsible. He had previously ripped the smoke detector out because it kept waking him up in the middle of the night. Richard Lewis and Larry David knew each other well before working together on Curb Your Enthusiasm. They both performed in many comedy clubs in New York City in their late twenties. Interestingly, they had actually met for the first time a decade and a half earlier as barely teenagers at summer camp!

In a nearly unbelievable story, a man was charged with murder in 2003, swore he was innocent and said he was at a baseball game with his daughter at the time of the murder but he was not caught on any camera shot of the game. He was convicted and sent to prison. Luckily for him, the Curb Your Enthusiasm episode #36 titled, "The Car Pool Lane" filmed a scene at Dodger Stadium on the day he was there and even though his picture didn't make it in the final cut, his lawyer found him in one of the outtakes and that evidence freed him! When Larry David was informed of this he said, "I tell people that I've now done one decent thing in my life, albeit inadvertently."

If you wondered why Larry and Cheryl moved to a new home after the first season, it's because the house they used for filming in season one wasn't under contract after that. When they contacted the owner about filming season two he told them, "It's rented"!

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