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Cupid Cast

Series Description

The Cupid TV show was a 60 minute comedy series on ABC.

Cupid Cast

Jeremy Piven .... Trevor Hale / Cupid
Paula Marshall .... Claire Allen
Jeffrey D. Sams .... Champ Terrace

Cupid Trivia

There was one episodes of the Cupid TV show that was produced but wasn't broadcast. Its title was "Botched Makeover".

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

The First And Only Season

  1. Pilot Episode (9/26/1998)
  2. The Linguist (10/3/1998)
  3. Heaven, He's In Heaven (10/10/1998)
  4. A Truly Fractured Fairytale (10/17/1998)
  5. First Loves (10/24/1998)
  6. Meat Market (10/31/1998)
  7. Pick-Up Schticks (11/7/1998)
  8. Heart of The Matter (11/21/1998)
  9. The End Of An Eros (12/12/1998)
  10. Hung Jury (12/19/98)
  11. A Great Personality (1/7/1999)
  12. Grand Delusions (1/14/1999)
  13. Bachelorette Party (1/28/1999)
  14. Children's Hour (2/11/1999)

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