Crusoe Cast

Series Description

The Crusoe TV show was a 60 minute adventure/drama series on NBC that was loosely based upon the classic novel "Robinson Crusoe" by Daniel Defoe. It was about a man who was seperated from his wife and children due to a shipwreck that stranded him on a nearly deserted island for six years. His only companion was a native named Friday who Crusoe managed to rescue from certain death. He taught the native to speak English in order to get some human interaction while striving to somehow return to his loving family.

Crusoe Cast

Philip Winchester .... Robinson Crusoe
Tongayi Chirisa .... Friday
Anna Walton .... Susannah Crusoe
Sam Neill .... Jeremiah Blackthorn
Sean Bean .... James Crusoe
Joaquin de Almeida .... Santana
Mark Dexter .... Samuel Tuffley
Mia Maestro .... Olivia
Elsa Bodle .... Sophie
Kieran Bew .... Nathan West

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