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Crossroads 1992 Cast

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The 1992 version of Crossroads was a 60 minute drama series on ABC about a hotshot prosecutor in New York City named Johnny Hawkins who was in contention for becoming the District Attorney. When his 16-year-old son Dylan got in trouble with the law and appeared to be heading for a life of crime, Johnny took a leave of absence from his job and took Dylan on a motorcycle tour of the U.S. while helping people in need along the way.

Crossroads Cast

Robert Urich .... Johnny Hawkins
Dalton James .... Dylan Hawkins

Crossroads Trivia:

The reason that Dylan Hawkins was heading down the wrong path towards increasing trouble with the law was that he had been raised by his grandparents in Atlanta, Georgia for the last ten years after his mother died. His dad had not had much contact with him during that time so Dylan had to deal with the loss of both parents!

Robert Urich starred in several other short-lived TV series like Crossroads but most fans will remember him from his more successful series, "S.W.A.T.", Vega$", and "Spenser for Hire".

Crossroad's time slot changed four times in its one season on the air making it rather difficult for the series to build an audience.

There were two episodes of Crossroads that were produced but were not broadcast. Their titles were, "First Blood" and "All I Want for Christmas".

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