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The Critic Cast

Series Description

The Critic TV show was an animated comedy series about a TV Movie critic who never reviewed a movie that he didn't hate because horrible ones were the only ones he was assigned to review by his dictatorial boss!



Jon Lovitz .... Jay Sherman
Christine Cavanaugh .... Marty Sherman / Miscellaneousl Voices
Gerrit Graham .... Franklin Sherman
Judith Ivey .... Eleanor Sherman
Nancy Cartwright .... Margo / Miscellaneousl Voices
Charles Napier .... Duke Phillips
Doris Grau .... Doris Grossman
Maurice LaMarche .... Jeremy Hawke / Miscellaneousl Voices
Nick Jameson .... Vlada / Miscellaneousl Voices
Kath Soucie .... Miscellaneousl Voices
Park Overall .... Alice Tompkins (1995)
Russi Taylor .... Penny Tompkins (1995)

The Critic Trivia

The first season of "The Critic" aired on ABC for only the first few episodes and then it moved to the FOX network.

The Critic's creators set out with the intention to make a show that would appeal to the elite in New York City. Ironically, the program did very poorly there and in other big cities while obtaining high ratings in the Midwest!

When FOX canceled The Critic UPN signalled that they would be willing to broadcast a third season and several scripts were written but the deal was never finalized.

Possibly due to the fact that those additional scripts had been written, a few new episodes of The Critic did appear on AtomFilms(dot)com.

The Jay Sherman character was modelled from a combination of Gene Siskel and Robert Ebert. The Critic was the sole TV series that Ebert and Siskel reviewed and, not surprisingly, it got "Two Thumbs UP!". It's also the only show that the duo agreed to guest star on!

During a commentary on the Dvd, the Duke Phillips character was said to be modelled after TV mogul "Ted Turner".

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

Season 1

  1. Pilot Episode (1/26/1994)
  2. Marty's First Date (2/2/1994)
  3. Dial "M" for Mother (2/9/1994)
  4. Miserable (2/16/1994)
  5. A Little Deb Will Do You (2/23/1994)
  6. Eyes on the Prize (3/2/1994)
  7. Every Doris Has Her Day (6/1/1994)
  8. Marthon Mensch (6/8/1994)
  9. L.A. Jay (6/22/1994)
  10. Dr. Jay (6/29/1994)
  11. A Day at the Races and a Night at the Opera (7/6/1994)
  12. Uneasy Rider (7/13/1994)
  13. A Pig-Boy and His Dog (7/20/1994)
Season 2
  1. Sherman, Woman and Child (3/5/1995)
  2. Siskel & Ebert & Jay & Alice (3/12/1995)
  3. Lady Hawke (3/19/1995)
  4. A Song for Margo (3/26/1995)
  5. From Chunk to Hunk (4/2/1995)
  6. All the Duke's Men (4/23/1995)
  7. Sherman of Arabia (4/30/1995)
  8. Frankie and Ellie Get Lost (5/7/1995)
  9. Dukerella (5/14/1995)
  10. I Can't Believe It's a Clip Show (5/21/1995)

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