Cracker Cast

Series Description

The Cracker TV show was a 60 minute British crime drama series that aired on ITV and ITV1. It was about a drunken, gambling, eccentric forensic psychologist who, despite his failings, was unbelievably adept at getting inside the minds of suspects and witnesses in police investigations.

The Cracker Cast

Robbie Coltrane .... Dr. Eddie "Fitz" Fitzgerald
Barbara Flynn .... Judith Fitzgerald (1993-1995)
Lorcan Cranitch .... Jimmy Beck (1993-1995)
Geraldine Somerville .... Jane "Panhandle" Penhaligon (1993-1995)
Ricky Tomlinson .... Charlie Wise (1994-1996)
Edward Peel .... Chief Superintendent (1993-1995)
Kieran O'Brien .... Mark Fitzgerald (1993-1995)
Tess Thomson .... Katie Fitzgerald (1993-1995)
Christopher Eccleston .... David Bilborough (1993-1994)
Isobel Middleton .... Catriona Bilborough (1994-1995)
Ian Mercer .... George Giggs (1993)
Amelia Bullmore .... Catriona Bilborough (1993)
Colin Tierney .... Bobby Harriman (1994)
Clive Russell .... Danny Fitzgerald (1995)
Robert Cavanah .... Alan Temple (1995)

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