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Coupling Cast

Series Description

This U.S. version of the Coupling TV show was a 30 minute romantic comedy series on NBC that attempted to "Americanize" the hit British series also named Coupling. It used the same plotline of a bunch of twenty-somethings who seem to have nothing but sex on their minds.

Coupling Cast

Colin Ferguson .... Patrick Maitland
Jay Harrington .... Steve Taylor
Christopher Moynihan .... Jeff Clancy
Lindsay Price .... Jane Honda
Rena Sofer .... Susan Freeman
Sonya Walger .... Sally Harper

Coupling Trivia:

A pilot titled, "Inferno" was produced to sell this U.S. version of the Coupling TV show but did not air.

There were six more episodes of the Coupling TV show that were produced but did not air. Their titles were: "Present Tense", "A Foreign Affair", "Nipple Effect", "Dressed", "Object Lessons", and "Holiday".

Coupling was yet another case of a remake of a British hit series that didn't work for U.S. critics or audiences.

Don't feel too bad for the Cast of the Coupling TV show. They've moved on! Colin Ferguson went on to star in the sci-fi channel series, "Eureka (2006)". Jay Harrington got a role (in 2006) on the series, "Desperate Housewives (2004)", Lindsay Price got one on the WB series, "Pepper Dennis (2006)", Rena Sofer on "Blind Justice (2005), and Sonya Walger landed a recurring role on "CSI:NY (2004)" plus shes' got a new series scheduled to begin in 2007 titled "SexLife".

Coupling Theme Song

Written By: "Osvaldo Farres" (Credited as "Quizas, Quizas, Quizas")

Lyrics By: "Joe Davis"

Sung By: "Lindsay Price"

You won't admit you love me, and so
How am I ever to know?
You always tell me, "Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps"
A million times I've asked you, and then
I ask you over again
You only answer, 'Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps'"

If you can't make your mind up
We'll never get started
And I don't want to wind up
Being parted, brokenhearted
So if you really love me, say, "Yes"
And please don't tell me, "Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps"

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