Coupling Cast

Series Description

The Coupling TV show was a British comedy series about twenty-somethings who think of nearly nothing but sex and, in some cases, finding a mate.

Coupling Cast

Jack Davenport .... Steve Taylor
Sarah Alexander .... Susan Walker
Gina Bellman .... Jane Christie
Kate Isitt .... Sally Harper
Ben Miles .... Patrick Maitland
Richard Coyle .... Jeffrey "Jeff" Murdock (2000-2002)
Richard Mylan .... Oliver Morris (2004)

Coupling Trivia

Coupling won the British Comedy Awards' "Best Comedy Series" in both 2001 and 2003!

Unlike most series, the majority of the Coupling Cast were the very first actors to audition for their roles.

The character, "Susan Walker" got her first name from Coupling Producer, "Sue Vertue". On the series, the character would often apologize for being late. That was a cheap shot at Sue Vertue becaus, according to her husband and Coupling writer, "Steven Moffat", she is late for things quite a bit. By the way, Steven Moffat was the source for the name of "Steve Taylor" on the show. Although it never was discussed on Coupling, "Steve Taylor" was also scripted as a writer by trade.

Coupling was shot in front of a studio audience except for the nude scenes and the scenes on location. There was no laugh track used on the show, even for the filmed scenes. They would roll the filmed scenes for the audience in the appropriate spots and dub in their laughter!

Jeff Murdock's Welsh accent was pure acting by Richard Coyle who is not Welsh. He did not tell producers that he was faking the accent during his audition for Coupling. The Producers loved it and gave him the role, not finding out it was fake until mid-way into the second season!

Their was a U.S. version of Coupling, but it only lasted four episodes.

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