Counterstrike Cast

Series Description

The Counterstrike TV show was a 60 minute action adventure series on the USA Network about an internationally renowned businessman who assembled a team of experts to fight terrorists after his wife was killed in a terrorist attack.

Counterstrike Cast

Simon MacCorkindale .... Peter Sinclair
Christopher Plummer .... Alexander Addington
Cyrielle Claire .... Nikki Beaumont (Season 1)
Stephen Shellen .... Luke Brenner (Season 1)
Laurence Ashley .... Suzanne Addington (Season 1)
Sophie Michaud .... Gabrielle Germont (Seasons 2-3)
James Purcell .... Hector Stone (Seasons 2-3)
Patricia Cartier .... Helene Previn (Seasons 2-3)
Tom Kneebone .... Bennett
Andre Mayers .... J.J. Johnson

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