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The Coronet Blue TV show was a 60 minute mystery drama series on CBS about Michael Alden who fell off of a luxury liner into a harbor while being chased by some men. Upon crawling out he realizes that he can't remember anything about his life or why they were chasing him. All he did remember is the phrase "Coronet Blue" and he didn't even know what that meant. On each episode Michael tried to find clues to his past while running from the men who were obviously trying to kill him.

Coronet Blue Cast

Frank Converse .... Michael Alden
Denholm Elliott .... Roger Crowell, Imposter
Bramwell Fletcher .... Roger Crowell
Carlos Montalban .... Raul Estrada
Juliet Mills .... Margaret Crowell
Joe Silver .... Max Spier
Brian Bedford .... Anthony
Ralph Purdum .... The Clerk
Alan Ansara .... Gomez
Rene Enriquez .... Sanchez
Ralph Thomas .... The Detective
Coleen Kelly .... The Waitress

Coronet Blue Trivia

There were two episodes of the Coronet Blue TV show that were produced but were not broadcast. Their titles were: "Where You From and What You Done?" and "Tomoyo". This unfortunately left fans with no closure to the mystery of Michael Alden's past and the meaning of "Coronet Blue".

Coronet Blue was produced in 1965 but didn't get on the air until 1967. CBS actually announced that the show would premiere in the 1965-1967 season with 22 episodes but then the series, "Slattery's People", which Coronet Blue was going to replace was suddenly renewed in March of 1965 for another season. Then CBS announced that Coronet Blue would be moved to the 1966-1967 season but that didn't happen either. CBS probably wishes that they had let the series die as critics tore into the pilot without pity and very few viewers bothered to tune in.

Coronet Blue Theme Song:

Composed By: "Laurence Rosenthal"

Performed By: "Lenny Welch"

Just prior to the beginning of the theme song, Frank Converse says:

Who am I?
Who am I?
Why do they want to kill me?
Can't remember anything except two words.
Coronet Blue.
Coronet Blue.

Then theme song begins:

Coronet Blue ... Coronet Blue ...
Deep down inside my brain I keep hearing that wild refrain.

Coronet Blue ... no other clue ...
I know that this must be the thing that can set me free.

For I was born just yesterday and only have a misty river
Always a movin' like the river ... If I linger I will die ...

And so I go my lonely way a vision heads him to danger
Even to myself a stranger ... Wonderin' who am I ..

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