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Conviction Cast

Series Description

The Conviction TV show was a 60 minute crime drama series on NBC about the personal and business lives of a group of young attorneys in the D.A.'s office.

Conviction Cast

Eric Balfour .... Brian Peluso
Jordan Bridges .... Nick Potter
Milena Govich .... Jessica Rossi
Julianne Nicholson .... Christina Finn
Stephanie March .... Alexandra Cabot
J. August Richards .... Billy Desmond
Anson Mount .... James Steele

Conviction Trivia

Conviction was a "spin-off" of the series, "Law and Order: SVU" due to the fact that Stephanie March also appeared as Alexandra Cabot on that series.

During Conviction's initial production stages, its title was "Young Prosecutors".

To save on shooting costs, some of the sets used on the Conviction TV show had previously been used on the series "Law and Order: Trial by Jury".

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

The First And Only Season

  1. Pilot Episode (3/3/2006)
  2. Denial (3/10/2006)
  3. Breakup (3/17/2006)
  4. Indebted (3/24/2006)
  5. Savasana (3/31/2006)
  6. Madness (4/7/2006)
  7. True Love (4/11/2006)
  8. Downhill (4/14/2006)
  9. The Wall (4/28/2006)
  10. Deliverance (5/5/2006)
  11. Indiscretion (5/12/2006)
  12. 180.80 - Part 1 (5/19/2006)
  13. Hostage - Part 2 (5/19/2006)

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