Complete Savages

Complete Savages Cast

Series Description

The Complete Savages TV show was a 30 minute comedy series on ABC about a father who was sick and tired of his six sons living like a bunch of slobs. Dad didn't see how any of them would ever attract a woman, settle down, and have a normal life until they learned to take a bath on occasion, wash their clothes at least once a month, and learn to get their beer cans into the trash can ... somehow! The problem was that the sons liked things just fine the way they were!

Complete Savages Cast

Keith Carradine .... Nick Savage
Erik von Detten .... Chris Savage
Jason Dolley .... T.J. Savage
Andrew Eiden .... Sam Savage
Evan Ellingson .... Kyle Savage
Shaun Sipos .... Jack Savage
Vincent Ventresca .... Jimmy Savage

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