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The Common Law TV show was a 30 minute legal comedy series on ABC about a blue-collar, hispanic, hippie from Queens named John Alvarez who had long hair and played the guitar. On the other hand, he had also managed to get a law degree from Harvard University! When he landed a job at a very conservative Manhattan law firm, the "stiff-upper-lip" types he worked with were often "confused" by his liberal attitudes.

Common Law Cast

Greg Giraldo .... John Alvarez
Megyn Price .... Nancy Slaton
Gregory Sierra .... Luis Alvarez
David Pasquesi .... Henry Beckett
Carlos Jacott .... Peter Gutenhimmel
Diana-Maria Riva .... Maria Marquez

Common Law Trivia

There was one episode of the Common Law TV show that was produced but was not broadcast. It's title was: "In the Matter of: Need".

Common Law didn't have the greatest time slot at 9:30PM on Saturday evenings! At that time, CBS was airing the second half of "Early Edition", FOX was broadcasting "Love and Marriage", and NBC featured the second half of "The Pretender".

Nancy Slaton was almost instantly attracted to John Alvarez when he joined her law firm. She liked his caring for the little guy and his more relaxed lifestyle. They ultimately moved in together but they had to keep that private because inter-office romances were against the rules!

Megyn Price may have been disappointed that Common Law didn't survive very long but things soon got better for her! In March of 1998, she appeared as "Gale Ingersoll" on a series titled, "Lateline". Lateline did a bit better than Common Law by lasting twelve episodes. Then, in January of 2001, Megyn hit solid gold when she appeared on the 91 episode series, "Grounded for Life" and as this web page is being written, she's appearing as "Audrey" on the CBS sitcom "Rules of Engagement"!

Many baby boomer fans will best remember Gregory Sierra from a couple of decades earlier as "Detective Sergeant Chano Amenguale" on the series, "Barney Miller"!

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