The Commish

The Commish Cast

Series Description

The Commish was a 60 minute action series on ABC about Tony Scali, the police commissioner of Eastbridge, New York (a fictional city) which was a suburb of New York City. He was a very smart, easygoing fellow who preferred to use his head to find non-violent solutions to crime-prevention whenever possible.

The Commish Cast

Michael Chiklis .... Commissioner Anthony "Tony" J. Scali
Theresa Saldana .... Rachel Scali
Kaj-Erik Eriksen .... David Scali
Linda Darlow .... Mayor Louise Hinton
Ian Tracey .... Officer Jon Hibbs
Jason Schombing .... Officer Ronnie Lopez
William A. McManus .... Officer Jim McGinley
Kimberly Scott .... Lucille Carter

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