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Commando Cody Cast

Series Description

Commando Cody was a 30 minute sci-fi adventure kids TV show on NBC that was supposed to be a 12-part short subject series for use in Movie theaters. When it bombed at the movies, it was sold the television as a summer replacement series. It was a low budget production using much "stock footage" of explosions and destroyed buildings. Basically, each episode was pretty much the same. Commando Cody stops the villian from destroying the Earth.

Commando Cody Cast

Judd Holdren .... Commando Cody
Aline Towne .... Joan Gilbert
Gregory Gaye .... The Ruler
William Schallert .... Ted Richards
Richard Crane .... Dick Preston
Craig Kelly .... Commissioner Henderson
Joanne Jordan .... Queen of Mercury
Gloria Pall .... Moon Girl
Eddie Foster .... Mason
Lyle Talbot .... Baylor

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

The First And Only Season

  1. Enemies Of The Universe (7/16/1955)
  2. Atomic Peril (7/23/1955)
  3. Cosmic Vengeance (7/30/1955)
  4. Nightmare Typhoon (8/6/1955)
  5. War Of The Space Giants (8/13/1955)
  6. Destroyers Of The Sun (8/20/1955)
  7. Robot Monster From Mars (8/27/1955)
  8. The Hydrogen Hurricane (9/3/1955)
  9. Solar Sky Raiders (9/10/1955)
  10. S.O.S. Ice Age (9/17/1955)
  11. Lost in Outer Space (9/24/1955)
  12. Captives Of The Zero Hour (10/8/1955)

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