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Coma was a four hour miniseries on A&E about a young, female medical student who notices that an alarming number of patients are coming in to the hospital where she works in excellent health and then going into comas in the operating room during simple procedures. She decides to investigate but she may not like what she finds out and it may put her in extreme danger!

Coma Miniseries Cast

Lauren Ambrose .... Susan Wheeler
Steven Pasquale .... Mark Bellows
Geena Davis .... Dr. Agnetta Lindquist
James Woods .... Dr. Howard Stark
Ellen Burstyn .... Mrs. Emerson
Richard Dreyfuss .... Professor Hillside
Michael Weston .... Peter Arno
Joseph Mazzello .... Geoffrey Fairweather
Natalie Knepp .... Hanna Goldberg
William Gerber .... Nurse Boris Pekorov
James Rebhorn .... Oren
Joe Morton .... Nelson
Tara Jones .... Reporter
Robin Lee Maggy .... Coma Victim #2
Erik Thirsk .... Detective
Cal Johnson .... Coma Victim #1
Lillian Ellen Jones .... Donna
Katie Kneeland .... Jen
Elena Varela .... Nurse Lena Montoya
Ron Clinton Smith .... Maguire
Gerald Duckworth .... Dr. Gerald Dowd
Julie Ivey .... Gloria
Burgess Jenkins .... Sean Berman
Erin Beute .... Liza
Claire Bronson .... Nancy Greenly
Stephen David Calhoun .... Security Officer Calhoun
Franco Castan .... Dr. Dan Ramirez
Eaddy Mays .... Tour Guide
Anna Colwell .... Fiona
Steve Coulter .... Dr. Cartwright
Wilbur Fitzgerald .... Police Captain
Kelly Lintz .... Dr. Audrey Connor
Ricky Muse .... Landlord
Gracie Ortiz .... Mercy Nurse
Jackson Walker .... Officer Walker
Mike Pniewski .... Detective Jackson

Coma Miniseries Trivia

This Miniseries is based on the 1977 novel by Robin Cook, also titled, "Coma". A movie also based on the novel and also titled "Coma" appeared in theaters in 1978. It starred Genevieve Bujold as Dr. Susan Wheeler and Michael Douglas as Dr. Mark Bellows. Other big name stars in the film included Elizabeth Ashley, Rip Torn, Richard Widmark and Tom Selleck!

The Coma movie was filmed in Massachusetts while this miniseries was filmed in Atlanta, Georgia. The TV series aired in four episodes in 2012. Two on September 3rd and two more on the 4th.

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