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Series Description

The Closer TV show is a 60 minute crime drama series that aired on TNT for 109 episodes from 2005-2012. It was about a female deputy police chief of the Los Angeles Police Department who has an uncanny ability to solve the most difficult cases and to secure confessions from the perpetrators.

The Closer Cast

Kyra Sedgwick .... Deputy Police Chief Brenda Leigh Johnson (2005-2012)
Phillip P. Keene .... Buzz Watson (2005-2012)
J.K. Simmons .... Assistant Police Chief Will Pope (2005-2012)
Robert Gossett .... Commander Taylor (2005-2012)
Corey Reynolds .... Sergeant David Gabriel (2005-2012)
Jon Tenney .... Agent Fritz Howard (2005-2012)
G.W. Bailey .... Detective Lieutenant Provenza (2005-2012)
Michael Paul Chan .... Lieutenant Mike Tao (2005-2012)
Anthony John Denison .... Lieutenant Andy Flynn (2005-2012)
Raymond Cruz .... Detective Julio Sanchez (2005-2012)
Gina Ravera .... Detective Irene Daniels (2005-2009)
Jonathan Del Arco .... Dr. Morales (2007-2012)

The Closer Trivia

J.K. Simmons has the distinction of being one of the few actors to have played recurring roles on "Law and Order", "Law and Order: SVU", and "Law and Order: Criminal Intent". He appeared on all three series as, "Dr. Emil Skoda".

Kyra Sedgwick had been appearing mostly in movies when offered the starring role on The Closer. A television series requires a larger commitment of time while the next season is filming than a movie or two spread out over a year and Kyra was concerned about being away from her family so much. She had previously stayed home with her children while her husband Kevin Bacon was busy with his career so Kevin stepped up and agreed to work less so that Kyra could take on the role as Deputy Chief Brenda Johnson!

In an unusual move, the first, second and third season premiere episodes of The Closer were broadcast with no commercial interruptions!

It was pretty apparent early on to TNT executives that they had a hit on their hands. With only two weeks of ratings to go on, they ordered an entire second season of The Closer!

Pay attention to the clothing that the characters wear on The Closer. If they will be on Brenda Johnson's side or will be an asset to her investigation, their outfits typically complement hers. If they are an antagonist, their outfits usually contrast with hers.

Speaking of outfits, when you see Brenda wearing her oatmeal colored sweater it means that she's under a great deal of stress or anxious about something terrible.

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