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The Cleveland Show is a 30 minute animated comedy series that aired on FOX for 86 episodes from 2009-2013. It's a "spin-off" of the series "Family Guy" where a former high school sweetheart of deli owner Cleveland Brown returns to his life after her husband left her for another woman. Cleveland jumps at this renewed chance at love and moves to Stoolbend, Virginia to be with his lady but he finds that this fairytale is not all perfection due to a troublesome stepdaughter and stepson along with redneck neighbors and a wild bear family who live nearby.

The Cleveland Show Characters


Mike Henry .... Cleveland Brown / Rallo Tubbs
Sanaa Lathan .... Donna Tubbs-Brown
Kevin Michael Richardson .... Cleveland Brown Jr. / Lester
Reagan Gomez-Preston .... Roberta Tubbs

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