Cleghorne! Cast

Series Description

The Cleghorne! TV show was a 30 minute comedy series that aired on the WB Network (now the CW Network) for only 12 episodes in 1995. It was about a single black woman raising her sassy pre-teen daughter on the Upper West side of Manhatten while running a fledgling TV Production Company. When her parents and her lazy sister moved in next door things got really crazy.

Cleghorne! Cast

Ellen Cleghorne .... Ellen Carlson
Cerita Monet Bickelmann .... Akeyla
Alaina Reed Hall .... Lena
Garrett Morris .... Sidney
Cecily Adams .... Gina
Michael Ralph .... Tyrell
Sherri Shepherd .... Victoria

Cleghorne! Trivia

If you never saw the Cleghorne TV show you might still recognize Ellen Cleghorne from the 80 episodes of "Saturday Night Live" that she appeared on from 1991-1995. Her best known characters on that series were "Anita Hill" and "Jackee Harry". Her first credited roles were on a couple of episodes of "In Living Color". After Cleghorne left the air she has appeared in several guest-starring roles on TV series, in several TV Movies and in about a dozen theatrical films. She was also a comedy writer for the "Roseanne TV Show".

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