City Of Angels

City Of Angels cast

Were you looking for the "City of Angels (2000)" series about a team of african-american doctors?

Series Description

The City Of Angels TV show was a 60 minute drama series that aired on NBC for only 13 episodes in 1976. It was about a detective in 1930's Los Angeles, California. As he's usually broke, he'll take just about any case if the customer can pay. He had no respect for the police or the law due to the corruption he has seen. His secretary took calls not just for him, but also for high-priced prostitutes!

City Of Angels Cast

Wayne Rogers .... Jake Axminster
Elaine Joyce .... Marsha
Philip Sterling .... Michael Brimm
Clifton James .... Lieutenant Murray Quint

City Of Angels Opening Narrative

"This is Los Angeles, one of the least corrupt cities in the United States. And its police force is one of the most honest and efficient in the world. But it wasn't always so."

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