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Chip N Dale Rescue Rangers was a 30 minute animated kids TV show on the Disney Channel (1989-1990), in sydication and on Toon Disney (2000-2008). Chip and Dale formed a detective agency to solve minor, non-violent crimes for mostly other animal characters. They often had run-ins with the organized crime leader "Tabby Cat" and the mad scientist "Professor Nimnul". Their pals Gadget (the female mouse), Monterey Jack (the Australian mouse) and Zipper (the green housefly) helped them out with the cases.

Chip N Dale Rescue Rangers Characters


Tress MacNeille .... Chip / Gadget Hackwrench
Corey Burton .... Dale / Zipper
Jim Cummings .... Professor Nimnul / Monterey Jack / Fat Cat
Peter Cullen .... Monterey Jack

Chip N Dale Rescue Rangers Trivia:

The first episode of Chip N Dale Rescue Rangers aired on March 5, 1989 on the Disney Channel and then 65 thirty minute episodes followed. The final episode originally was broadcast on November 19, 1990.

Tad Stone created Chip N Dale Rescue Rangers but he did not originally plan to base the series on the well known chipmunks. He wanted to use the Bernard and Miss Bianca, the mice from the 1977 movie, "The Rescuers" as the stars of Rescue Rangers. That didn't fly because production had already begun on the 1990 film, "The Rescuers Down Under" and bringing out a movie and a TV series simultaneouly with the same characters apparently wasn't desireable. Stone then proposed a series called, "Metro Mice" that would star a mouse character, "Kit Colby" but Disney chairman Michael Eisner insisted on using known Disney characters and when he suggested Chip and Dale, Stone agreed.

Chip N Dale Rescue Rangers was nominated for a daytime Emmy in 1990 for "Outstanding Animated Program" but lost the award to "The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh". The series was number one where it counts though. It was the top rated syndicated cartoon series for the 1989-1990 season!

You may have noticed that both Jim Cummings and Peter Cullen are listed as the voice actor for Monterey Jack. Actually, Cullen originated the voice and did it for the first few episodes and then Cummings took it over.

It's a bit unusual that Monterey Jack had the name of a cheese from Mexico but his accent is obviously Australian.

McDonalds sold a Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers Happy Meal in the fall of 1989 and puts clips from the series in their TV ads. There were also 19 issues of a Chip N Dale Rescue Rangers comic book published in 1990 and further comics appeared in "Disney Adventures" magazine from 1990 to 1995. Some more also were featured in the "Disney Afternoon" comic book which was published by Marvel Comics during 1994-1995.

A Chip N Dale Rescue Rangers video game was released in 1990 and another in 1993 for the Nintendo Entertainment System. Dynamic Pixels Limited sold a mobile game based on the series beginning in May of 2010.

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