Chef! Cast

Series Description

The Chef! TV show was a British comedy series that aired on the BBC for 19 episodes from 1993-1996. It was about a man who strived to be the greatest chef in the world. Unfortunately his desire to be the best in his profession took over his life to the exclusion of everything else. This caused him to have never-ending conflicts with his wife, his staff who he treated horribly and just about every other human being he encountered.

Chef! Cast

Lenny Henry .... Gareth Blackstock
Caroline Lee-Johnson .... Janice Blackstock
Roger Griffiths .... Everton Stonehead
Elizabeth Bennett .... Lola (1993)
Gary Bakewell .... Donald (1994)
Dave Hill .... Cyril Bryson
Ian McNeice .... Gustave LaRoche (#1) (1994)
Lorelei King .... Savanna Concord
Erkan Mustafa .... Otto (1993)
Pui Fan Lee .... Debra
Hilary Lyon .... Alice (1994)
Tim Matthews .... Crispin (1994)
Claire Skinner .... Lucinda (1994)
Jeff Nuttall .... Gustav LaRoche
Jean Luc Rebaliati .... Alphonse (1994)
Gary Parker .... Piers (1993)
Sophie Walker .... Renee Bryson (1996)

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