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The CW's Charmed TV show was a 60 minute fantasy/horror series on the WB Network (now the CW Network) that aired for ?? episodes from 1998-2006. It was about three sisters who returned to live together in the house where they grew up. Soon, it became apparent that they had supernatural powers that they could use to fight evil forces. Each one had different abilities including moving objects with their mind, foreseeing the future and stopping time. They could also use their powers in unison as the "Power of Three" to combat any evil force that was stronger than any one of them individually.

Charmed Cast

Shannen Doherty .... Prue Halliwell
Alyssa Milano .... Phoebe Halliwell
Holly Marie Combs .... Piper Halliwell
Ted W. King .... Inspector Trudeau
Rose McGowan .... Paige Matthews
Dorian Gregory .... Inspector Darryl Morris (1998-2005)
Julian McMahon .... Assistant District Attorney Cole Turner (2000-2003)
Brian Krause .... Leo Wyatt (1999-)
Greg Vaughan .... Dan Gordon (1999-2000)
Karis Paige Bryant .... Jenny Gordon (1999)
Drew Fuller .... Chris Matthew Halliwell (2003-2004)
Kaley Cuoco .... Billie Jenkins (2005-)

Charmed Trivia:

In the seventh episode, "The Fourth Sister", we hear for the first time that the Halliwell's address is 7571 Prescott Street and their phone number is 555-0198. In all future episodes, the address is always said to be 1329 Prescott Street but the phone number remains the same.

Shannen Doherty was released from her contract for this CW program because of constant fighting with Alyssa Milano. She was also fired from the cast of Beverly Hills 90210 at the end of the fourth season because of consistently being late on the set and her constant conflicts with other Cast. She also had her wages for Beverly Hills 90210 garnished by her bank because she wrote over $32,000 in bad checks. In September of 1977, she was sentenced to anger-management counseling for smashing in a car window with a beer bottle. In April of 2001, she pleaded "no contest" to drunk driving charges and 2 months months later was sentenced to either 10 days in jail or 20 days of work-release duty, three years probation, and a $1500 fine.

Aaron Spelling produced this TV show and so many other ones that only a very few of his best known can be listed here. Here they are:
"Johnny Ringo (1959)", "Daniel Boone (1964)", "The Mod Squad (1968)", "The Rookies (1972)", "Starsky and Hutch (1975)", "Charlie's Angels (1976)", "The Love Boat (1977)", "Fantasy Island (1978)", "Hart to Hart (1979)", "Dynasty (1981)", "T.J. Hooker (1982)", "Beverly Hills, 90210 (1990)", "Melrose Place (1992)", "7th Heaven (1996)", "Charmed (1998)".

On a brighter note, Holly Marie Combs takes an active role in community affairs. She is on the board for "Thursday's Child", a charity supporting teenage runaways. She also is an avid spokesperson for women suffering from breast cancer. She also was a bridesmaid at Alyssa Milano's short-lived marriage to "Cinjun August Tate", the lead singer for the rock group, "Remy Zero" in 1999. She has 7 pets ... 2 dogs, 2 cats, 2 lovebirds and a horse.

Alyssa Milano's career began when she was 7 year's old. Her babysitter was auditioning at a cast call for the stage show, "Annie" and took Alyssa along with her. Alyssa ended out getting a role as the orphan, "July". A picture of her was used as a model for "Ariel" in the Disney classic movie, "The Little Mermaid". She has had several recording albums go platinum in Japan! And, of course, we all remember her as the cute little girl on, "Who's the Boss?." She even out does Holly Marie Combs in the "pet department". She has 3 dogs, 13 birds and 3 horses!

Rose McGowan is a distinctly international personality. She was born in Florence, Italy to a French mother and an Italian father. At age 9, she moved to the United States. She worked as a child model. She was engaged to rock star Marilyn Manson from 1998-2001. She replaced Shannen Doherty on Charmed after her character was "killed-off".

In the beginning, the girls weren't sure whether their powers came from good or evil. Piper finally convinced herself that they came from good when she entered a Church and nothing bad happened. She also wasn't convinced that Mark was really a ghost until she saw a man on a bicycle ride his bike right through Mark.

Phoebe came up with the somewhat gruesome method of determining whether or not someone is a warlock. You prick their finger and if they bleed, they're human.

Charmed Theme Song

Title: "How Soon is Now?"

By: "The Smiths"

I am the son
And the heir

I am human and I need to be loved
Just like everybody else does

See, I've already waited too long
And all my hope is gone

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