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The Chappelle's Show TV show was a 30 minute sketch comedy series on Comedy Central where Cave Chappelle parodies common sterotypes, often centering on issues involving race and society. If you are overly sensitive to political correctness or racial stereotyping, this may not be the show for you. If, on the other hand, you like comedy with an edge to it, you'll find this series hilarious.

Chappelle's Show Cast

Dave Chappelle .... Host / Miscellaneous Roles
Liz Beckham .... Miscellaneous Roles (2003)
Anthony Berry .... Miscellaneous Roles (2004-2005)
Billy Burr .... Miscellaneous Roles (2004-2005)
Sophina Brown .... Miscellaneous Roles (2003)
Vernon Campbell .... Dave's Bodyguard (voice)
Yoshio Mita .... Miscellaneous Roles
Paul Mooney .... Himself / Negrodamus
Melle Powers .... Miscellaneous Roles (2003)
Rudy Rush .... Announcer (2003)
Charles Q. Murphy .... Miscellaneous Roles
Randy Pearlstein .... Miscellaneous Roles
Donnell Rawlings .... Miscellaneous Roles / Announcer
Adam Sietz .... Miscellaneous Roles (2003)

Chappelle's Show Trivia

In one skit Paul Mooney told a joke about comedian Wayne Brady that was rather cruel and Brady didn't appreciated it. To make up for that Dave Chappelle invited Wayne to do an episode of the show where he took over Chapelle's Show. During the first season of Chappelle's Show Karl Lake (the show's set dresser) appeared in a scene where he danced "The Robot" like a maniac. It was so funny that he performed the dance in every single episode of the second season.

While there was a lot of improvisation by many of the performers on Chappelle's Show, Paul Mooney had no script whatsoever! All of his lines were improvised!

Perhaps one of the most comical characters on Chappelle's Show was Clayton Bigsby. He was a blind white guy being raised by a black family. No one ever told him that he was white so he always believed that he was black! That character was loosely based on Dave Chappelle's grandfather.

Chappelle's Show was nominated for three Emmys in 2004 with one of those being for "Outstanding Variety, Music or Comedy Series"! That Emmy was won by "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart". The other nominees were "Late Night with Conan O'Brien", "Late Show with David Letterman" and "Saturday Night Live".

The serie's opening theme song was supposed to have a full set of lyrics but they had trouble getting the written lyrics to work with the music so Dave Chappelle told the singers to simply sing "Chappelle's Show" over and over again until the music ended.

As a side effect of the "Cola Wars" between Coke and Pepsi, they avoid hiring the same celebrity to do their commercials. If you appear on a commercial for one of them you're pretty much banned from representing the other brand. Dave Chappelle somehow avoided this ban, however, and is often named as the only celebrity to ever do so (not confirmed).

You may have wondered why the show's second season ended in May of 2004 and the third season didn't return until July of 2006. One day while filming an episode for season three Dave Chappelle declared that he was exhausted and walked off the set. Comedy Central kept hoping that Dave would return to finish the season but he eventually made it clear that he would never return to the show so they aired the four episodes that had been completed.

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