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The Cavalcade of America TV show was a anthology drama series that began by presenting historically accurate depictions of Americans from the days of the American revolution through the early 1900s. Some were famous heroes, some were famous villans, and some were historically significant but relatively unknown characters. During the third season, stories about heroes of the current day were added to the mix.

Broadcast History:

First Season: NBC Wednesday 8:30-9:00PM
Second/Third Season: ABC Tuesday 7:30-8:00PM
Fourth/Fifth Season: ABC Tuesday 9:30-10:00PM


Before it was on TV there was a Cavalcade of America radio show. It was on the air for more than 17 1/2 years from October 9, 1935 to March 31, 1953! It was hosted by Clayton "Bud" Collyer who was best known for his role as Superman / Clark Kent on the Superman Radio Show. Most episodes had one or more of the top stars of the day as a guest star.

The Cavalcade of American TV show (and radio show) was sponsored by and owned by the DuPont Company. They developed the series to help improve their reputation. You see ... they had made huge profits during World War One from the sale of gunpowder. DuPont was regularly referred to as "The Merchants of Death". By associating their name with a show about American heroism, they successfully changed public opinion.

During its first season, The Calvalcade of America aired on alternating weeks with "The Scott Music Hall".

Apparently, DuPont wanted to be absolutely sure that the public fully identified them with the prestigious Cavalcade of America. in 1955 its name was changed to "The DuPont Cavalcade Theater" and in 1956 they changed it again to "The DuPont Theater".

When the Cavalcade of American came to NBC for its first season it had a pretty good competitor in its time slot. CBS was airing the second half of the extremely popular "Arthur Godfrey and His Friends". Arthur Godfrey was one of the most beloved characters in TV history. Otherwise, ABC was airing "All-Star News" and the Dumont Network was featuring "Trash or Treasure".

The only real competitor during the Calvalcade of America's second and third seasons was "The Dinah Shore Show". By the fourth and fifth seasons the Dumont Network had gone out of business but CBS was airing the very popular classic comedy series, "The Red Skelton Show".

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