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The Caroline In The City TV show was a 30 minute romantic comedy series on NBC that centered around Carloline Duffy who wrote and illustrated a comic strip about her life in Manhattan.

Caroline In The City Cast

Lea Thompson .... Caroline Duffy
Malcolm Gets .... Richard Karinsky
Eric Lutes .... Del Cassidy
Amy Pietz .... Annie
Andy Lauer .... Charlie

Caroline In The City Trivia

At 8:00 PM on November 2, 1995, Lea Thompson appeared on the, "Friends TV show" as her Caroline In The City character. That was on episode #60 titled, "The Baby on the Bus". In return, at 9:30 PM on the same evening, Matthew Perry appeared on Caroline In The City as Chandler Bing from Friends. That was on episode #6 titled, "Caroline and the Folks. Lea Thompson received scholarships to the School of American Ballet and the American Ballet Theatre. She actually performed in over 45 ballets! Her dream had been to dance with Mikhail Baryshnikov. When he commented that she was too "stocky" to be a ballerina, she was heartbroken and left the American Ballet Theatre. Lea later stated that she was one of the few ballerinas that didn't have an eating disorder. Her brother Andrew Thompson also performed with the Colorado Ballet.

While Caroline nearly married Del Cassidy, who published her comic strip and was the President of Eagle Greeting Cards, she and Richard Karinsky were secretly in love with each other and they even kept that secret from each other.

In 1997, Caroline called off her wedding to Del. She and Richard continued to date other people and would still not acknowledge their love for each other. Richard even had a very short-term marriage that year.

In 1998, Caroline and Richard finally began to date. Del was not completely out-of-the-picture however, as Caroline switched her workplace to his offices.

The cartoons seen on Caroline In The City were actually illustrated by Bonnie Timmons.

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