Carnivale Cast

Series Description

The Carnivale TV show was a dramatic fantasy series on HBO set in a traveling roadside circus during the Great Economic Depression of 1934 in the U.S. A young, mysterious man named Ben Hawkins with amazing psychic abilities took a job there and found that he was not the only one with strange powers. Then Ben began having disturbing dreams that convinced him that he was God's emmissary on Earth in the fight between good and evil!


Nick Stahl .... Ben Hawkins
Clancy Brown .... Brother Justin Crowe
Tim DeKay .... Clayton Jones
Amy Madigan .... Iris Crowe
Cynthia Ettinger .... Rita Sue Dreifuss
Carla Gallo .... Libby Dreifuss
Toby Huss .... Felix "Stumpy" Dreifuss
Michael J. Anderson .... Samson
Adrienne Barbeau .... Ruthie
Diane Salinger .... Apollonia
Clea DuVall .... Sofie
Debra Christofferson .... Lila
Patrick Bauchau .... Professor Lodz (2003)
John Fleck .... Gecko (2003)
Karyne Steben .... Alexandria (2003)

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