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The Cape TV show was a 60 minute sci-fi series that aired in syndication. It was about the lives of NASA Astronauts. While the inter-relations between them and there friends were interesting, there was little attention paid to space itself. This probably made the series less expensive to produce and also cost it most of the potential audience. There were however brief scenes of the astronauts in training and on actual Space Shuttle missions.

The Cape Cast

Corbin Bernsen .... Colonel Henry J. "Bull" Eckert
Adam Baldwin .... Colonel Jack Riles
Bobby Hosea .... Major Reggie Warren
Cameron Bancroft .... Capt. Ezekiel "Zeke" Beaumont
Katie Mitchell .... Andrea Miller
David Kelsey .... D. B. Woods
Tyra Ferrell .... Tamara St. James
Chad Willett .... Peter Engel
Robin O'Dell .... Ellen Eckert
Sam Anderson .... Kevin Davis
Michael Hartson .... Curt Beaumont
Whitman Mayo .... Sweets


Buzz Aldrin, real-life astronaut who along with Neil Armstrong was on the first Moon landing, was a technical advisor for the Cape TV show.

Colonel Eckert began The Cape as the Director of Astronaunt Training but by the end of the series he was promoted to the Chief of the entire Astronaut program.

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