California Dreams

California Dreams Cast

Series Description

California Dreams was a 30 minute comedy series on NBC about a group of friends who all went to the same high school and formed a band. There were musical segments in the recording studio they had rigged in the lead guitarist's garage, themes that dealt with real-life teenager situations including romance, and fun times spent in the California sun!

California Dreams Cast

Kelly Packard .... Tiffani Smith
William James Jones .... Tony Wicks
Michael Cade .... Sly Winkle
Jennie Kwan .... Sam Woo

California Dreams Trivia

The title of the series came from the fact that it took place in California and the name of the teens' band was "The Dreams".

California Dreams was developed by Peter Engel Productions and NBC after they had scored a hit together with another very similar teen series, "Saved by the Bell".

California Dreams Theme Song

Title: "California Dreams"

Written By: "Steve Tyrell"

Performed By:

First Season: "Brent Gore" & "Heidi Lenhart"
Second Season: "Brent Gore" & "Jennie Kwan"
3rd - 5th Season: "Jay Anthony Franke" & "Jennie Kwan"

Surf dudes with attitudes
Kinda groovy
Laid back moods
Sky above, sand below
good vibrations
Feelin' mellow

Don't give it up....
Don't wanna stop....

Don't wake me up....
Don't wake me up if I'm dreamin'
California dreams
Just let me stand here in the sun...
Until my dream is done...

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