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The Cafe Americain TV show was a 30 minute comedy series on NBC about a young divorcee who moved from Minneapolis, Minnesota to pursue adventure and a new life in Paris, France.

Cafe Americain Cast

Valerie Bertinelli .... Holly Aldridge
Lila Kaye .... Margaret Hunt
Sofia Milos .... Fabiana Borelli
Graham Beckel .... Steve Sullivan
Jodi Long .... Madame Ybarra
Maurice Godin .... Marcel

Cafe Americain Trivia

Valerie Bertinelli is probably best known for her role as Barbara Cooper Royer on the series, "One Day at a Time". Valerie also starred for a couple of seasons on "Touched by an Angel" and on many TV movies. She was also one of the few stars lucky enough to have hosted "Saturday Night Live" on its February 28, 1987 episode.

What might have been the final episode of the Cafe Americain TV show aired on February 8, 1994. There were two additional episodes that had been produced but typically, when a series is canceled, they remaining produced episodes are never broadcast. Luckily for fans, in this case NBC decided to air the final two episodes of Cafe Americain as a 2-hour special on May 28, 1994!

Cafe Americain didn't have the greatest time slot at 8:30PM on Saturday evenings! On top of that, CBS actually was running one of their hit series in that slot titled, "Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman"! In January of 1994, NBC moved Cafe Americain to a better slot at 9:30PM on Tuesdays but there it still had some major competition from "Coach" on ABC and "America's Most Wanted" on FOX and the ratings didn't improve so the series was canceled.

The Cafe Americain was actually a hangout for Americans living in Paris and some strange French characters where Holly Aldridge got a job.

Interestingly, instead of writing letters home, Holly made videotapes to send home to her sister in the U.S.

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