Cadfael Cast

Series Description

The Cadfael TV show was a 90 minute British mystery drama series on ITV about a Monk who used his knowledge of plants to solve crimes.

Cadfael Cast

Derek Jacobi .... Brother Cadfael
Peter Copley .... Abbot Herribert
Terrence Hardiman .... Abbot Radulfus
Julian Firth .... Brother Jerome
Michael Culver .... Prior Robert
Mark Charnock .... Brother Oswin
Albie Woodington .... Sergeant Will Warden (1994-1996)
Eoin McCarthy .... Sheriff Hugh Beringar (1995-1996)
Sean Pertwee .... Sheriff Hugh Beringar (1994)
Anthony Green .... Hugh Beringar (1997)

Cadfael Trivia

Brother Cadfael served at the Shewsberry Abbey located in the Norman England village of Shrewsbury.

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